Assembly and Modification

  • Baustelle einer Halle
    Partition Wall on Double Floor
  • Halle/Bürokomplex
    Assembly of a cabin with steel construction


It might sound pretty simple and theoretically when
we claim to highly emphasize on our manual work of
assembly and modifications - but this is just the
way we do it !

We consider the quality of our manual work at place
as the most essential criteria for a satisfying result.

As well as our own systems we deal with foreign made
elements so we don`t care much about who has first
delivered and installed them.

If we see a chance to adapt the installations to your
changing spacial demands we will do it.
As an independend deliverer with a lot of experience
in handling various types of system elements we will
be pleased to solve your problem too and execute
whatever needs to be done.

Our assembly-teams consist of experienced partners
and members of our group, willing to deliver the highest
quality of manual work at any time and any place

Since we consequently enforce our manual section this
gave us a strong orientation versus sevice partnerships
for many years - now for over 50 years.