Modern Modular System Partion Walls:

  • B&uumlrowand Doppelverglasung mit Jalousien
    Down-to-bottom glazing with inlay shades
  • Vollwand 3-seitig umbauend
    Office elementary wall with air-vents for passive climating
  • Metallw&aumlnde f&uumlr Industrieb&uumlro
    Metal System walls for industrial office
  • Kantine mit Metallw&aumlnden
    Canteen Metal walls and fixed windows
  • Besprechungsraum mit erh&oumhter L&aumld&aumlmmung
    Sound-protecting wall with down-to-bottom glazing
  • Besprechungsraum mit erh&oumhter L&aumld&aumlmmung
    Sound-protecting wall with down-to-bottom glazing
  • Trennwand eines Pausenraums
    Partition wall of a break room
  • Sauberraum Medizintechnik
    Clean Room for medical products
    • Doppelverglasung mit innenliegenden Jalousien
      Double-glazing with integrated shades
    • Vollglaswand mit Strukturrahmen
      Glazing elements with structural framing
    • Vollglasecke mit solidem Rahmen
      Retrofitted down-to-bottom glazing with solid frames
    • B&uumlroinsel aus Vollglaswand
      noise-reduced office isle, double-glazing in solid frames

    Partition walls made out of pre-manufactured elements
    play a more and more important and remarkable role
    in the planning and lay-out of structural spacing in
    modern business-locations.

    Their task is to:

    - arrange office and functional areas
    - protect against noise
    - maintain control of access
    - separate various air-conditioned spaces
    - create a represantative atmosphere
    - garantee easy alteration in spacing
       while in a continuing production

    Within all of these functions the ability of altering
    the spatial layout while Your business is still in
    service is the most outstanding feature for using
    partition wall systems.

    Therefor we prepare our systems with the help of pre-
    manufactured elements at its most, so that the dis-
    and reassembly can be done easily and uncomplicated.

    Rearranging doors, windows, opening and closing the
    partition walls for installation purposes are the most
    popular applications for these systems and can be
    done in a surprizing short period of time. The high
    degree of premanufacturing allows easy handling.

    Thanks to our modular system construction the ex-
    changing between different types of wall-elements
    like window- or standard-wall elements and doors
    can be possible without further added materials.

    A wide variety of window- and glass-elements will let you
    control your light-situation and choose between trans-
    parency or privacy with the noise-reduction of your needs.