Multistory Cabins - extent into the 3rd Dimension

  • MR100 in Sonderbauweise
    Custom-styled Cabin, Library on the upper floor
  • B&uumlrokomplex oben unten
    Multistory complex with partitioned offices
  • Doppelstockb&uumlro mit Stellwand und Messraum
    Multistory cabin with expermental field and calibration room attached
  • Schallged&aumlmmte Kabine mit Sozial- und B&uumlroraum
    Offices upstairs und meeting rooms downstairs, noise protected
  • Stahlbau als R&uumlckgrat fü das Obergeschoß
    The backbone of a multistory-cabin made of compact steel-beams
  • Stahlbau als R&uumlckgrat fü das Obergeschoß
    The backbone of a multistory-cabin made of compact steel-beams
  • Fertiges Ober- und Untergeschoß mit Nische
    Ground- and first floor, just finished
  • Hervorragend eingepasste Doppelstockanlage
    A marvellous multistory cabin that perfectly fits in
    • Multifunktionsanlage in der Produktion
      Multifunctional complex with several production units and office
    • Meisterb&uumlro unten, Magazin oben
      Machinery management downstairs with equipment storage on top
    • Meisterbüro 3-seitig doppelst&oumlckig
      wall-attached offices of different sizes and extensions
    • Hochkabine mit Technikfelder im UG
      Cabin on a high podium, giving space to technical units on the ground floor


    The neccessities to install a multi-story cabin are con-
    siderably high, but worth every efford as it allows to
    rationalise the usage of the hosting building in a very
    effective way.

    Whereever the use of full highth of the hosting building
    is not effectively utilized the consideration of extending
    into the third dimension is most applicable.

    Our modular systems allow to create every type of
    mixed usage and combinations of managing and tech-
    nical workplaces.

    As well as in other cases these systems allow to alter
    or resize the installation easily and effectively at low
    emmissions of pollution and noise.

    We appreciate and are proud to claim for us, that our
    outstanding experience of adapting the cabin-systems
    to new tasks and spacial structures have proven exel-
    lence now for decades.

    And last but not least the bringing in of installations of
    your needs into the cabins is easy, the interior may be
    of just your choice.