Structured Interior Management

  • Bueroflur
    Office hallway with system-walling-units
  • Garderobe
    Dressing room
  • Gitterpartition
    mesh partitioning under the roof-top or cellar
  • WC-Kabinen
    Sanitary cabins with an aluminium/anthracite finish


With every change of tenants the spacial structures will
be discussed and rearranged.

It will then be definetly your advantage to be able to
adapt the interior to the tenants needs in a flexible,
uncomplicated and fast way by using system elements
for partioning

The investment in this type of interior installation is not
only useful in supporting the desired spacial decisions
in a quick manner, but also to easily maintain a
standard of high-end quality applications all over your
buildings interior.

For this purpose we offer various systems of partition
walls, furniture and installations for sanitary and
social units as well as mesh elements to provide
reasonable sectioning of archive spaces.