Shelv-Inspection according DIN EN 15635 + rule DGUV 108-007
(former BGR 234)


According the european safety law it is obligatory
to check the safety and technical consitution of
the operational storage equipment like shelving-
systems and pallet racks.

These inspections are normed and have to be under-
taken weekly for a basic, only visual check by its
users and yearly for an intense and overall documented
technical inspection conducted by a qualified and or
certified inspector.

Aspects like static security, damages of any kind,
correct loading and other security matters will have
to be evaluated while the inspector must be free of
any type of instructions and/or sanctions and be able
to decide independendly.

The results of the inspections must be recorded and
stored so that they can be traced and proven at any
later point of time.
As a certified and qualified independend expert for
shelves and racks we are able to fulfill these obliga-
tions for you.

On top we are able to repair and reconstruct your in-
stallations in case of damage or failure.

Our standard portfolio of inspections cover the

- Visual testing and inspection acc. DIN EN 15635
- Proof of compatibility with the user manual
- Proof of compatibility with the installation protocol
- Proof of compatibility with the technical labeling
- Technical check of elements and add-on components
- Award inspectors tags
- Create and write the inspectors report

Repairs and delivery of spare parts can be arranged if desired.