Stand-up Elements for Industry and office Sanitary walls and cabins

  • Rollbare Stellwandelemente mit Aluminiumeinfassung
    Concatenated stand-up elements in aluminum-frames, on rolls for easy handling
  • Standardstellwand mit Stoffbezug und schallabsorbierendem Innenleben
    Standard elements with a textile surface and a highly sound absorbing interior
  • Stellwandgruppe mit 2 Arbeitspl&aumltzen
    Grouping with stand-up elements for two workplaces
  • Stellwandgruppe mit freier Winkelstellung und Fenster
    Group of stand-up elements in a free angle position and window
  • WC-Kabinen in Sonderfarbe
    Sanitary cabins in aluminum profiles
  • WC-Kabinen Kunststoff Wasserfest
    Sanitary cabine made of plastic material, water-proof
  • Kindergarten-WC-Anlage
    Kindergarden-edition of sanitary cabins with special security equipments
  • WC-Kabinen mit Dekor, Wasserfest
    Sanitary cabins with special decor surface, water-proof
    • Stellwand aus Metall mit Doppelschiebetür
      Heavy duty stand-up wall with sliding doors
    • Stellwandwinkel mit Verglasung, freistehend
      Industrial stand-up wall completed in semi-glazing, made of steel
    • Stellwandwinkel mit Verglasung und Vollelementen, freistehend 2,5 m hoch
      Large industrial stand-up wall combination made of steel
    • Stellwandwinkel mit Verglasung, freistehend 3,0 m hoch
      Heavy duty stand-up wall, semi glazing and made of steel, height 3 metres !

    The use of stand-up walls and elements in offices offers
    a lot advantages in giving individual structure to the
    work-places in combination with a significant reduction
    of noise through sound-absorbtion.

    A clear and comfortable workspace with various office-
    segments can be reached by the combination of a large
    variety of designs and flexibel arrangments of the elements.

    The sanitary-walls allow to create a modern and privat
    atmosphere as well and come along with very practical
    equipements like different locking systems, designs and
    water-proof materials, if desired.

    In the production and industrial area you benefit from
    our solid system-stand-up walls made of steel. Their
    arrangment can be designed almost to every need with
    only small limitations.