Our History and Development:

  • Getriebereparatur
    Repair of a gear-box in the early 60s
  • Regalmontage
    Assembly of a special designed shelves made of T3003 profil-beams
  • Industrieb&uumlro
    Cosy office in the industry in the early 60s, no ashtray aroung !
  • Doppelstock Rohrregal
    Multistory shelving made of 1001 stilted profiles for long-bar storage
  • Autoteilemagazin
    Magazin made of stilted 1001-profiles for car spare-parts
  • Palettenregal
    Palet Rack of the 1. Generation - Not for copying anymore !
  • Industriewand
    High built single monocoque partition wall early 70s
  • Chefetage
    Representative office compartements at a high executive standard of the 60s

  • Might it be the introduction of "Just-in-Time" delivery
    DIN-Norms or the european market, upcoming security
    regulations, the invention of FAX-machines, the
    introduction of electronic based processing and CAD,
    cordless drills or hydraulic workplatforms - it has
    never been boring to us !

    It all started out with the first foundation of the com-
    pany in 1963 through Gerd Buhlmann. At first the
    repair and servicing of fork-lifters had been the
    main subject of the company.

    Thanks to the upcoming demand the building and
    implementation of shelves became steadily increasing
    important and then developed to be the leading branch.

    It so came that the fork-lifter department has been
    finally abandoned by the end of the 1960s and we
    introduced the construction and building of cabins and
    partions walls as our new activity.

    This had been our first step into a development of
    being a full-range interior system provider.

    The Buhlmann company had been one of the first pro-
    viders in selling and installing modern plug-in shelving
    systems as well as high quality partion wall systems.

    With the entry of Freyja Buhlmann into office in 1982,
    the section for partition walls became more emphasized,
    especially for the installation and use in industrial
    applications such as clean-rooms and cabins.

    When Ralf Hohlung came into office in 1991 the parti-
    tioning and implementation of cabins with multiple
    specifications was even more strengthend so that
    nowadays the BUHLMANN-BBI company developed
    to be a full service provider with a wide range and
    lots of varities of interior systems.

    An increasing structured expansion of our product
    range allows us today to offer a complete set of
    solutions beginning with the development of your
    location, across to extented interior installations
    and furnishing to a full-range service for each hard-
    ware that we offer, still family owned and managed.