Workspace in the Manufacturing Industry

  • Schallschutzkabine
    Control station with high noise-protection
  • Hallenbuero
    Two-sided cabin in a factory site, just finished
  • Sauberraum
    Cleanroom with metal cassette ceiling
  • Reinraumabtrennung
    Large partition wall to a cleanroom


The industrial manufacturing sets clear roadmaps to
the neccessities of spacial arrangements:

- machinery and manpower must be clearly pointed
  to their specific areas

- safety and legal regulations must be fulfilled

  and last but not least

- the workspace must balance out the productivity
  and cooperation between manpower and machinery.

This is why we put a lot of effort into the developement
of profound and suitable constellations of systems for
using them in an effective and long-term manner.

The systems easyly allow to "breath" with the manufac-
turing process by being highly alterable and always
ready for rearrangements at your needs.

The installation and/or reorganisation of our systems
combined with a tight integration of planning layouts
and processes, paired with our experience over de-
cades, is an important key to success.