Cabins made of Modular Elements:

  • Maschineneinhausung 5 Meter hoch
    Housing for clean-room machinery, height 5 Meters
  • Zwei Kabinen mit begehbarer Decke
    Two cabins with walkable roof-tops
  • Klimatisierter Messraum 3,5 m hoch
    Air-conditioned cabin for measuring devices, 3.5 m height
  • B&uumlrokomplex in einer Produktionshalle
    Multi-room office-installations in a production hall
  • Innenansicht eines Hallenb&uumlros
    View in the interior of a cabin with walkable roof and own floor
  • Besprechungskabine mit hoher L&aumld&aumlmmung
    Meeting-Point with high level of noise-protection
  • 3-fach Bürokabine mit Kabinenboden
    Cabin with 3 rooms and own floor - just finished
  • Kabine mit belastbarer Decke 300 kg/m²
    Cabin with roof-top for heavy load at max. 300 kg/m²
    • Leitstand auf Stahlbau
      Control station with fully glazed elements on a high up podium of steel
    • Planungsraum auf Podestboden
      Meeting-room on a low podium on pedestal floor
    • Meisterbüro 4-seitig
      Four-sided management cabin, standard-version
    • Technikraum 3-seitig
      Quality management cabin for technical tests, double glazing for noise control


    Professional space-in-space indoor solutions allow a
    perfect structural combination of production sites vs.
    controlling and servicing areas

    It is therefore outstanding important to provide a high
    degree of interaction between the machinery and its
    admin and developement as well.

    The use of indoor cabins helps to fulfill all legally en-
    forced work site guidelines as well as the technical
    requirements for mechanical equipments and machineries.

    In a production site environment cabins protect and
    shield effectively against noise, pollution and un-
    wanted views or access and will enable you to control
    the air-con situation at your demands.
    The installation of water, air-pressure, a/c and other
    infrastructure can be planned and done easily

    At Buhlmann-BBI we focus very much on the upgrade-
    ability and the adaptation to new spacial requirements.

    A relocation of the installation and/or resizing in all
    three dimensions in a continuing production process is
    always our aim.

    A large number of cabins enduring for years and de-
    cades with sometimes a long history of alterations
    and resizing is something that we are very proud of.

    In most cases, due to low emissions, these changes
    can be executed while your production is proceeding.